May 29 2008Batman is Inquiring Whether or Not You Have Milk


I really like this dark, brooding direction Christopher Nolan has taken Batman.

Oh, and before you ask, yes it's available as an AIM icon, so you can let all your online friends know the California Milk Processor Board is still running with this campaign to keep kids interested in milk.

Reader Comments

Wow, that suit is ridiculous. All it needs are nipples, and the cycle will be complete.

So Batman....which of those huge tits is the milk coming out of???

Who puts their whole upper lip in the glass to drink milk causing a mustache like that who isn't 4 or clinically retarded?


is this what the new bat-suit looks like?!?

wow. it looks kinda....campy. not as bad as the Joel Schumacher's versions did...but come on.
I agree with #1. a couple of nipples would make the humiliation complete.

or is it supposed to be like medieval plate armor? as if for a "Dark Knight?"
clever....not really

Does the suit look like it's rather designed to fix your eyes on the belt and codpiece :p?

Anyway, I quite like the oddity of this XD

Movie will probably down-right kiss ass but come on....the suit looks fucking stupid. Like he just came out of cyberspace or something.

Looks like somebody's just finished with a night of hot gay discipline.

I'M MILKMAN!!! uh, i mean batman.... batman, right....

The Milk Mustache print ads aren't done by the California Milk Processor Board . They're done by MilkPEP, the Milk Processors Education Program, and their advertising agency Lowe NY

I wonder how long it took Bale to get into character to shoot this ad....

Watchu talkin' 'bout, Jessica? Ain't no advuhtisin' 'lowed 'round here sistah, so jus take yo' Aint Jemimah lookin' sef right back where you be stayin'.

Ah, Batman slash writers everywhere are gettin' their jollies right now.

milk man, so intersting..

Wow, Robin's aim sure is off.

...Bat Tits

FYI- The new Dark Knight coaster at Six Flags is aweful. Unless you're 6.

Aw, come on.

The suit looks great and like a believable upgrade to the original Wayne Industries body armor prototype in Batman Begins.
More designed and produced than slapped together like the first one and with obvious added protection.

As for milk...

They should have done that with Indiana Jones.

That is so not Batman, it looks more like "Big Daddy" from "Kickass" just saying, if you edited that yourself then fine but I think you just got a picture of "Big Daddy" and like a lot of people tend to assume It's Batman!

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