Apr 4 2008New 'War, Inc.' Trailer for 'Grosse Pointe Blank'


Do you ever see a movie, then years later see it again and you realize a lot of your memory of it was wrong? I ask not because a reassessment of Short Circuit revealing that a remake isn't really that tragic, but because that's how it just was for me, watching this trailer to War Inc. I swear to you, when I saw this a decade ago, it was set in Michigan, and was called Grosse Pointe Blank! Where did all this political stuff come from?! And I would have sworn Minnie Driver was the love interest, not Marisa Tomei--and that Hilary Duff was far too young to play a legal lust object. But since everything else is the same, I'll have to just attribute this one to bad memory. Weird!

Aw, who am I kidding. Cusack, you old dog, you've charmed me again with your lovable everyman of a hitman. When can I get my ticket?

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I love John Cusack, and this movie looks good, if only Hilary Duff's acting wasn't such a damn chore to watch!

The trailer looked eh, but then the preview scenes look bleh.

Wow. You're right, that's totally Grosse Pointe Blank (plus a little Wag the Dog mixed in). Joan is playing the exact same character along with her brother. If Dan Aykroyd wasn't in this one they could even say it was a sequel and just keep moving.

I'll still see it anyone just for Cusack.

This movie looks painful to watch. Sir Ben Kingley can now be called Sell Out Ben Kingsley. Cusack is the same character in everything he does. I wouldn't even take Whorroriwitz to see this crap.

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