Apr 18 2008Let's Make 'Another Stakeout' a Cult Classic for No Particular Reason


In a move reminiscent of Conan O'Brien's surprisingly successful campaign for the theatrical re-release of Dirty Dancing, some fellows at Funny or Die have a new cinematic cause that I think we can all get behind: somehow turn the Richard Dreyfus/Emelio Estevez/Rosie O'Donnell sequel comedy Another Stakeout into a cult classic.

Notable comedy writer/director Adam McKay outlines the plan:

Come join us and help us turn this movie into a giant cult hit for absolutely no good reason. Register and vote 10/10 for the movie. Get into heated trivia arguments about the movie. Quote lines, question other Stakeout heads' commitment to the movie. Let's forward this e-mail and flood the site to the point where there are Another Stakeout festivals and conventions and midnight showings with people in costume saying lines along with the movie ala Rocky Horror Pic Show. And remember, we are Another Stakeout fans. Not Stakeout fans. The first one was pretty good but like the Godfather 2 (or is the Godfather 2 like Another Stakeout?) director John Badham got it right the second time around. AS 2 forever!!

Show your support for the cause and enjoy AS's classic "dog chased by Rosie O'Donnell chases a cat up a tree" scene, under the cut.

A Message from McKay [Funny or Die Blog]

Reader Comments

Oh dear God. That's the same face she's making on her "other" stake out movie "Exit to Eden." That's what I thought this post was about.

That movie made me an atheist.

My brain hurts.

At least the clip answers the burning question, "Did Rosie O'Donnel ever have any pre-heifer days?" - and the answer is "No"

I actually thought this movie was great, and much better than the first one. The dinner scene is hilarious, I laughed more than I laughed at any other movie (except Fletch 2 and The Naked Gun 2 1/2).

I saw more series of this pics in the site "blackmatching.com", there are lots of people are discussing that! Go and check it!

(totally gets in line with this crusade...)

I don't know about the rest of you... but I've ALWAYS liked "Another Stakeout." In fact, it kind of bugs me that this classic movie that I've enjoyed for years (I was in line at midnight to see it on opening day) is now being co-opted by some poser fanboys. This new influx of "Another Stakeout" fans is going to ruin the movie for me.

-Mr. Bildango -- Who has had his mustache for 13 years. How long have you had yours?

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