Apr 14 2008'Iron Man' Sneak Peek: Meet Sprayee!


Just when you thought there was nothing on Nickelodeon except... whatever it is they air now (something with the pregnant Spears and maybe slime?), the network known for kids shows and sad, late-night reminiscing has aired two new minutes of footage from Iron Man. Which is strange, since a movie about a superhero fighting crime in a metal suit is clearly meant for a mature, adult audience. Watch the sneak peek below the cut and be introduced to Iron Man's wacky, Disney-style sidekick: a mute, indiscriminately-spraying, anthropomorphized fire extinguisher.

Reader Comments

First. Sigh i thought it was to be a serious movie

Serious? With the myspace comment he made in the first trailer? I would guess that this movie has an equal percentage of humor or drama that the first two Spiderman movies had.

I am working on something like this. Look for it to be posted on Geekologie/gadgets soon. Yeah, I can fly.

I saw the movie last week at a trade screening. It was pretty damned good. There are a bunch of funny moments like this one but it rings very true to the feel of the comic book. The only real downside is that the movie suffered a little bit from supervillain exposition. Iron Monger kept on telling Tony what he was going to do to him which got annoying after a while. I'd put this film on a par with the Spiderman franchise... well the first two anyway I'm still trying to forget the third one.

They showed this same clip at the Iron Man panel at Wondercon a few months ago, and somehow it spawned the Q&A question: "So are the jet boots real?"

That lady was amazing.
Amazingly dumb.

I don't care what anyone says... this looks 1000% awesome. It makes me forget I'm not getting laid.


This round goes to Polly Pureheart who is 100% correct.

ALICE, you fckin fck!!
go post your spam on some Russian blog. No American is falling for that nonsense.

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