Apr 25 2008Del Toro is Definitely Doing 'The Hobbit'


Guillermo del Toro, director of Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth--and the same man who, at NYCC, told a 15-year-old that "the pubes are popping"--has been formally announced as the director of The Hobbit and its planned sequel. This had been rumored as a nearly sure thing for some time, but this was the first absolute confirmation. I, for one, am pretty confident del Toro has the skills to pull this off. Particularly the scenes where Gandalf shoves his eyeballs in his palms and chases Bilbo around.

Guillermo del Toro to direct 'Hobbit' [Variety]

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If Mr.Jackson can't or won't do it I think Del Toro will be an amazing second choice.

He is an awesome director, PL, The Orphanage, Hellboy, and I'm sure it's sequel are/will be great.


at least he looks like a LOTR circa Peter Jackson

this is great news and i agree he does have the "middle earth director" look goin on

Don't worry, Peter Jackon's vision will bein this as well, as he's producing the 2 films together with Fran Walsh.

Del Toro, Jackson and Walsh will make for two amazing films!

I agree with everybody. This should be good.

I'm still waiting for confirmation of Sir Ian, Hugo Weaving, and Andy Serkis, though.

Quite frankly I am disappointed with this article -- from the title, I was expecting it to have some juicy details about Del Toro involved in some nasty hobbit fucking.

This film needs to be good.
I mean, it NEEDS to be good.
I will be so fucking disappointed if they screw up my favourite book.
Especially as I'm very pleased with the choice of director.

I'm thoroughly overjoyed that they didn't choose someone American to direct it. Prejudice? Yes.
But ffs look at how many generic, dull, piece-of-crap films Hollywood churns out. They've taken so many good films and made pointless, Americanised versions of them that frankly suck the nut.
And why the fuck do they feel they have to get shows from other countries and make their own sub-standard versions of them?? If the show is so good in the first place that you wanna poach it why not just fucking leave it as it is?!
And wtf is up with 'American English'???!! Why do Americans feel they need to take words and knock letters out of them? Why oh why!>!>!>!>!>!??!!?!?
Having said all that though America ain't all bad. It has produced some amazing tv shows, music, literature, technology etc etc.
So anyway, to conclude, yey for the non Americaness of Del Toro. And, America, stop sucking so much. Sort your yankee doodle ass out.

He didn't direct the Orphanage. He was one of the producers. Also, the only good stuff he does is when he writes and directs a movie.

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