Mar 6 2008'Smart People' Poster, Because Smart People Play Scrabble


I realize that letters cut from a New Yorker might feel too ransom-notey, but is Scrabble really the best way they could find to identify "smart people"? Since when is Scrabble a game of the intelligentsia any more than Monopoly is the game of wealthy real estate moguls and pewter schnauzers? Maybe it's just me, but I think of Scrabble more as the game for those who have lost their electricity, and need some way to entertain their visiting parents without the aid of CBS's primetime lineup.

And why are they pretending that's Dennis Quaid in the jacket? We can all see it's obviously Steve Carell reprising his role from Little Miss Sunshine.

'Smart People' Poster Premiere [Cinematical]

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There isn't a single legal, tactful, respectable, or even acceptable thing I'd do to Ellen Page's fartbox. In fact, the very thought of it should make any grown man cry.

Did she really out herself on SNL or is that all reactionary bullshit?

Hey, didn't you forget to make a joke about the lime-green background which is becoming obligatory for comedy posters?

Sarah Jessica Parker hey? Chaulk up another movie not to see.

Within the DVD extras of hte original Shrek, some douche producer says "well, when you combine the comic genius of Cameron Diaz, Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy" and those I know and were with have quoted it for years afterward. This is like, "when you combine the comedic genius of Sarah Jessica Parker, a big ass beard, the kook from extreme home makeover's love child with danny bonnaduce and a midget schoolgirl..."

Scrabble is the oposite of smart. It's a game for accountant types willing to memorize the equivalent of accounting codes. That's why the game is so successful. Average people willing to memorize lists can beat more intelligent people with a real vocabulary who aren't willing to do the homework.

See for something more challenging.

what's with the wacky beards and almost-mustaches?

I Just saw their ablum on celeb site Very nice.

Hmm, I guess you missed out on the whole Scrabulous thing that was even mentioned in "I'm F***ing Matt Damon."
While it's not a smart people game, you're not up on your pop culture.

Otherwise, this poster is incredibly strange...Ellen Page looks deformed.

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