Feb 29 2008New 'Iron Man' Trailer Continues Clever Use of 'Iron Man' in Soundtrack


As much I find Iron Man and his glib alter ego Tony Stark to be intolerable characters, I have to admit that Jon Favreau looks to have made a decent adaptation of the source material. And with a non-stop barrage of hard rock (AC/DC, Audioslave, Black Sabbath's "Iron Man", of course), constant alcohol imbibing, and the flagrant use of sports cars as backdrops, Iron Man looks to be the first superhero movie to fully capture the sensibilities of Maxim Magazine. The biggest surprise isn't that this looks like a surefire hit but that they didn't put Gwyneth Paltrow in a bikini. Make sure to watch this if you're a male 13 to 35. Otherwise, you're totally going to look like a gay.

Iron Man Exclusive Trailer

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Man your still steamed that Transformers sucked aren't ya? Admit it: you were wrong.

Bad ass.

I would say Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark, but Tony Stark was never written that well in the comic book.

I agree with DFCtomm, and I really appreciate actors who bring their "A game" whether a roll could earn them an Oscar or a Kids Choice Award.

Surprisingly, that looks pretty cool.

Is it just me, or is that all-cgi scene at the end looking better than it did in the last trailer?

RDJ + Smartass = Entertainment

Damn, Downey is perfect. If they depicted Tony Stark like this in the comics, I might still read them!

Wow. Not a fan of Iron Man in the least, but this movie looks cool.

Looks like my predication were right, the CGI they showed in the last trailer wasn't finished, it looks better in this one.

I was never a fan of the Iron Man comics, but this looks pretty badass.

yea, i've never been a big iron man fan either, but that looks pretty good

something just happened in my pants.

Yes Transformers fucking sucked. Now Mark has to call every movie as sucking so he can protect his um, his uh... what are you protecting Mark?

i dident know this film existed.. but now that i see the trailer; "ITS GONNA ROCK!"

Is it wrong that I nutted after seeing this trailer? Is it? Is it really? This trailer makes me want to break stuff while playing Black Sabbath.

Why the fuck doesnt it work when I click the play button? >_>

hm... is it the wrong that I did the version of what #15 did? is it???? omg this movie looks f*ing awesome! Come on May 2nd!!!!

damn it! I keep leaving out important words in my notes! I meant: "is it the wrong that I did the *GIRL* version of what #15 did?" grrrrrrr! [but *is* it?] lol

I give up........ I'm lame........ work + reading & posting on gossip blogs don't mix.... ::sigh:: lol

hahahaha! Why is everyone hating on Mark?

Isn't his humor the whole reason why we bookmarked this site to begin with?

I'm glad to see that Robert Downey Jr. Will get a larger audience after this film. Great actor, and a great looking superhero film. I haven't seen one since Spider-Man 2. That's right I never watched the 3rd. I'm cool like that.

What Oscar said. Well, the first part anyway. I, unfortunately, did see Spider-Man 3.

If Downy is as good in this as he was in "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang," I'm all up in this iron bitch!

It looks like Marvel has got a winner. Robert Downey Jr is a good actor when he stays away from the drugs. I think hes made sure he got his act together. But who else can you get that would fit the role. Tony Stark is a alcoholic and onto a recovering one in the CB so he is a good fit for the movie. With RDJ having real world experience to that effect he can relate to the role.

This movie looks to be one of the greatest movies ever, EVER! and if you can't see that then you are either a chick or a fag.

And if you're ignorant, than you must be a Nathiest.

fucking thank you for taking Janice Dickinson down... FINALLY.

As long as the big villain isn't an "iron man" created by the 3rd world dictator as hinted in the trailer then I will we very happy

You mean Iron Monger?

Iron Monger is created by Obediah Stane, Jeff Bridges' character.

Also, this preview makes me lactate.

This looks fucking retarded.

Robert Downey Jr. is a moron, and Transformers rocked. Shia La buff was sooo fucking hot

p.s. I'm a fag

RDjr is a great actor when he's on drugs. He's still good straight too. Iron Man is going to kick my ass!

Hmmm...how come no one mentions this: http://www.starkironworks.com/

Transformers was the best movie of 2007, and there's nothing anyone can do to convince me otherwise. Unlike the rest of the Internet, I'll wait until I've actually seen this movie to pass judgement.

"This isn't the worst thing you've caught me doing."


ol now i want to see this

id have oral,anal,vaginary sex wit him duuuudes!

There was a few seconds of a scene in there that I swear were a pallet swap of the Starcraft 2 cinimatic trailer.


Actually Nathiest you are going to be quite wrong when the Movie "Thor" comes out, when you witness that movie you will spew out every bodily fluid possible from both genders. Meaning you will lactate, you will have a period, you will jizz, have diarrhea, vomit, nose bleed, and cry all at once somehow.

Cor what a cool suit, however what if you get the squits?! Does it come with a built in Colostomy Bag?

Fantastic trailer. Downey Jr. is perfect for the role.

And why the fuck can I not know the name of that Audioslave song? A little help please?

I am very offended at the use of the word "gay" in the article about the iron man - "Make sure you watch this.....otherwise you're going to look like a gay" Homophobia from the ignorant. What else does this person write..... "See this film you'll you look like a lesbian / black/ fat/disabled?

To G - Um, in case you hadn't been living on earth for the last 10 years, gay usually means - stupid. No relation to sexual preference, of course. That being said, you're gay.

Looking back at it I thought it said "gay" and not "a gay". I fail. Also then according to the author, I am mega-gay since I have not seen more than three movies in the last 5 years...

to ignorant Sandiliiiii!
Get yourself out in the real world - gay mens homosexual and not "Stupid" , stupid! It is has been high jacked by plebs who are ignorant of the offense it causes homosexuals. If you cannot understand this then you must be a bigot.
now fk off!

I wasn't going to see this and wait till dvd, but after that trailers, i thing i might pre-book. And to all the gay comments, get a life, you bunch of bitches!

That was wicked ! This will be one Kick ass flick!!!!!

I hate Iron Man and Marvel, and I will be there watching this on opening day.

Why WHY does this look so much cooler than the Dark Knight? Damn you Marvel.

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