Feb 12 2008Former Dr. Who Steals 'G.I. Joe' Role as Destro


David Murray and Chris Eccleston are, respectively, damning and praising immigration services this week, as unforeseen problems in getting in the U.S. have cost Murray the role of G.I. Joe's Destro, a guy with a silver head.

Murray had been announced as the G.I. Joe villain with a silver head in earlier weeks, but his inability to secure a work visa in time meant that Eccleston, former star of Dr. Who, was given the great opportunity to fill-in, taking on the role of a metal-headed man.

It's a huge part for Eccleston, who recently played Claude on Heroes, but had yet to secure a role as anyone with a polished, ornamental head. On the same token, it's a devastating blow to Murray, who may never have the chance to have a smooth chrome skull--at least on film.

G.I. Joe's Destro Has Been Re-Cast [IESB]

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Hey, fantastic...now this flick has two decent actors, maybe it WILL be just as good as a direct-to-video movie now.


Not a huge Chris fan....but it should be interesting ;)

whyyyyy oh god, why? I thought he was a SRS THSPN or something.

This is so wrong....

David Cross should be GI JOE.

Gawd, he's hot. I want to sex him.

why is ur hand so pale
now dat dont look wright

GI Joe is supposed to be the AMERICAN hero right? When do we get some Americans to play said characters?

always wondered why he didn't have an international super-career after "cracker". but maybe being on "cracker" already meant having had a super-career, really.

Eccleston will be a huge hit in this movie. It's great that he's got the part of Destro.

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