First Shot from 'Synecdoche New York' Representative of Whole


There are few films I'm anticipating more than Charlie Kaufman's directorial debut Synecdoche New York, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman as a playwright attempting to create a life-size replicate of New York for one of his works. In less capable hands it could turn into a quirky Field of Dreams, but Kaufman's writing resumé (Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind) has shown his rare talent at grounding the absurd in reality, a skill that will likely carry through into his direction, and with PSH in the lead, I mean, come on. It has to be good.

IonCinema agrees with my enthusiasm, and has posted the above first shot from the film. I have no idea what is being examined, but it will probably end up being clever enough to earn a Best Screenplay nomination.

Synecdoche New York Image [Ion Cinema]



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