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DiCaprio, Gordon-Levitt Join Drastically-Altered 'Akira'


Weekly, when I write down a list of Leonardo DiCaprio's interests, it generally includes the same items: acting, the environment, supermodels, Martin Scorsese, never quite growing out of a scrunched baby face. Never would I have dreamed "anime" would make the list, particularly over "idiotic facial hair." But apparently it has, with Leo announcing plans to bring the classic '80s manga/anime Akira to the big screen, with himself in the lead as Kaneda and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tetsuo.

Of course, since the film will take place in Neo Manhattan instead of Neo Tokyo, the names will probably be changed to something moms can more easily pronounce. And since DiCaprio is in his mid-30s, the whole teenage thing will have to be altered a bit, maybe adding some references to mortgages. And with his views on environmentalism, the signature motorcycle will probably be changed to hybrid mass transit, or maybe a community-shared bicycle. But ignoring all of the massive changes, it sounds like it will be a very faithful adaptation that should please all of the original's rabid, obsessive fans.

Is this as bad an idea as I think it is? All I can remember from the anime is the constant screaming.

Live-Action Akira Moves Forward [AICN]

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