Dec 3 2007Yet Another 'Dark Knight' Viral Website


IWS reader Christian has pointed out that the Gotham Cab Company phone number (look here if this makes no sense to you) has been updated with a new voicemail, in which Betty's House of Pies is mentioned. True to their maddening trend, there is an accompanying website (, obviously) with a phone number.

I'm starting to think they don't really know where they're going with this, so the hope is to overwhelm us into submission with pointless websites and empty promises. But, by all means, let me know if you figure something out.

Reader Comments


And what did you do with your opportunity? You squandered it.

Notice the menu item, 'Carmine's Coconut Cream' with a reference to 'our best customers.' Betty's is presumably a Gotham mafia hangout. Imagine all the mobsters sitting down to a tasty slice of à la mode.
Bringing the Joker into the mix, what do clowns traditionally do with pies? We could be looking at some sort of pie-in-the-face massacre.

I'm pretty sure this is a brothel. At least that's what I want to think.
Betty's Classic Apple- All American girl, girl next door type
Dutch-Apple-Dutch girl
Chocolate Pecan-Black chick

And at those prices, its a steal.(I'd wear about 4 rubbers though)

Betty's House of Pies? Seriously? They need to hurry up and release this movie before all of this ARG bullshit makes me give up on the film entirely.

House of pies...... mmmmmmm

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