Nov 6 2007AM Poster Post: 'Beowulf' Bewildered by Flame


Even though I was forced to bore myself through Beowulf in high school, then again in college, I'll definitely have to check out this version now that I'm reminded it stars these frightening, soulless near-humanoids. I forgot how much better a tired, centuries-old epic can seem when, rather than actual actors, precise computer-replicas of those actors are used to act out the same scenes with their jarring, emotionless eyes. Technology has come so far.

Final Beowulf Poster [IMPA]

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This movie is going to suck......... and I like Ray Winstone


Hand puppets have more emotion than these weird characters.

This poster is just weird..

First, each eye ball is looking at something different.

Second, his chain mail is under his armor on the right side, but not matching up on the left.

Third, what is up with the size of his hand holding the sword.

MrGutts, look up the word "perspective"

Actually, the hand DOES look a little too small - perspective and all. Trust me, I'm an artist. I read a book and everything.

I saw a little about this on TV, showing Anthony Hopkins and Angelina Jolie looking like CGI versions of Anthony Hopkins and Angeina Jolie. This renders (pun intended) the entire CGI exercise pointless, when the CGI characters look just like the real actors. What have they done that they couldn't do using regular methods? If you're going to make something CGI, at do stuff you couldn't do normally. Yeesh.

like make angelina hot and not look like an anorexic toothpick on a diet with sandpaper lips and trashy tattoos.

i think ray winstone must have must have agreed with Bobeyo and made the animators make him look like he did in his 20's. something tells me even then he didnt look like that.

Eff all of you. Beowulf is a cool name. That guy on the poster has a lot of muscles. I'm watching it. Because I'm a connoseur. That's French.

The story is great, could have beeen the next braveheartish film....YETTTTTT they blew it.

straight to DVD after a week?

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