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I Love 'Twin Peaks' and Its Gold Box


Is it necessary for a DVD box set to have a trailer? Probably not, especially if it's for Nel Carter's Gimme a Break. But when it's for David Lynch's Twin Peaks, I'm sort of glad it does.

Because this is, as the trailer will remind you several times, a gold box edition, it's got every episode, deleted scenes and tons of never-before-seen features, including more proof that David Lynch is completely insane. (To quote him, addressing the cast as if they don't understand English, "I... LOVE... TWIN... PEAKS... AND... ITS... WORLD.")

Watch and get excited for its October 30 release, when you can finally show your friends what you mean when you say, "You think Fight Club is f***ed up? Dude, you should see Twin Peaks!"

And try not to throw up too much in your mouth when the announcer informs you the collection is "worth its weight... IN GOLD."

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