Sep 26 2007'Hotel Chevalier' Free on iTunes


The Darjeeling Limited won't find limited release until Saturday, but you can get the 13-minute prologue, Hotel Chevalier, on iTunes this very second. It's just as sexy and charming and touching as people were saying, and will surely rule the sexiness category of your iTunes at least until Justin Timberlake makes another album.

And if that doesn't convince you, you also get to see Natalie Portman's bare heinie.

Hotel Chevalier [iTunes]

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thanks for the heads up. i can't wait to see the feature!!

Does anyone know if we can get this somewhere else? We Aussies arn't allowed to download it :(

iTunes blows the lion in Narnia. Anyone got another source?

Totally need another source. While we are at it, maybe a blowjob, and a gazillion dollars.

Same problem--can't get it in Canada, itunes doesn't even have it for sale here. Anyone know where else we can find it?

yet another canadian... i tried breaking into the us store suing my grandparents address, but they need a us credit card. bastards! if anyone finds it elsewhere please let me know!

.avi version:

Why does Natalie Portman look like every blow up doll I'v ever seen?

You silly canadians and aussies, why not move from your third world countries and come to this great U S of A? We get to see Natalie Portman's bare ass and jack off all day!!

Nice ass baby, I'm sick of her teasing though with that brief 'did I or didn't I see a bit of nipple' stuff. If you want to have class don't show your ass, if you want to entertain do some full frontal or hardcore scenes in your next picture.

thank you!!!

I don't know why, but I was expecting Natalie Portman to get into a car that explodes and hear Jason Schwartzman exclaim,"Francois!"

Natalie Portman is an UGLY whore, duh..

"You also get to see Natalie Portman's bare heinie."

Which I guess is cool if you like girls who look like boys... No! Stop it! Stop it right now! Bad, bad id!

I like how they film Natalie in certain lighting and positions to try and make her look good.
She's like a half-skinny, half-chubby teenaged boy. And her skin is nasty. I think she has nice eyes and pretty much nothing else going for her looks-wise. The hype of her being in Star Wars movies makes some think she is a goddess when she couldn't be more plain.

She is gorgeous. I would like the sweat from her anus. You haters are just jealous. Best recognize!

Not jealous. I'm twice her age and I look better naked. It's a fact.
She's got a beautiful face, though.
That was some of the most bring shit that I've ever watched, though.
God I hate that slice of life, notch-above-reality-tv-show, self-absorbed shit.

she sure has lot's of cellulite for her age.

the entire film is now on google video at:

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