Jul 25 2007Homer Does Monologue, Schneider Does Lohan

In case you missed it, and I'm assuming you did because who the hell watches Jay Leno anyway, here's Homer's monologue from last night's Tonight Show. Later in the show, Rob Schneider came in dressed as Lindsay Lohan (video after the jump). This is Rob Schneider's first foray into non-ethnic impressions in a while. Impressions are good because you can make bad jokes and when people don't laugh you just claim you were in character.

"What? No, I'm not making bad topical jokes about the astronaut from two months ago and catholic priests, I'm pretending to be Lindsay Lohan! Because she totally does that! Get it? I'm an actor."

It was brave of him to play Lindsay Lohan as a hacky, old school comic, not a lot of people would've take that risk. By the way, anyone else notice that even with platform shoes on, Schneider's still a head shorter than Jay Leno? Is he like 4' 11"?

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i want to crap on Rob Schneider's face. fuck, i hate him.

I only wish Chris Benoit was around to strangle Rob Schneider.

YAyyyy, I love Rob Schneider (he's an acquired taste and a really decent human being), I love Homer Simpson. Good for him for calling that BITCH out on TV.

It's times like these that I live this country.

I meant "love."

He's short cuz he's half Phillipino (I guess that's why he's small)

Seems to me that Jay Leno gets the same reaction as Homer from your average & confused channel hoper all across the world during his monologue.

Connan for the Tonight Show!, Joel McHale (from E!'s The Soup) for the Late Night Show! pleeeeeease!

this show was hilarious last night! glad that i caught it. i loved "lindsay's" ankle monitor cos it was actually a flask that she drank from during the whole interview. soo funny.

Damn that homer thing was stupid.

Rob Schneider was terrific in the first Deuce Bigalow but his other movies really sucked rocks. Making fun of Lindsey when she wasn't there seems to me a way to cash in on her persona for free - it's not like she wanted to go to jail...

I actually think Rob Schneider is really funny and dressed in drag he is far classier than Blohand.

That is all.

The SImpsons have had a ridiculously good run, but I think this movie and the promo around it will finally kill it off.

I zaw Rob pretend to be Lindzay
He iz zo fuckin cute az a girl♥♀
I zaw it on E.T. tonite....

victor...leave Jimbo alone
it wazn't juzt him, dude☺

Wow.. that Homer monologue was really atrocious. If that was supposed to be a Simpsons movie promotion it backfired massively, with me at least. Definitely not watching it till it comes out on dvd now.

RIP The Simpsons

what the hell are you talking about? i love leno!!! and the simpsons!!!!

Someone call Fox, quickly! they're still in time to cancel the whole Simpsons movie thing and sue Matt. I mean, Ben there did not like one Homer joke! that, by the way, it wasn't supposed to be funny as they were making fun on how unfunny Leno's monologues are.

Poor Fox. Good thing Ben was here to stop them.

11/ yea ...it wazn't juzt him...it waz the real FRIST!!! for real...

Dear 11 and 15,

Your hip misspellings make me die a little on the inside. Why don't you take a break from the library computer and read a book for a change? Besides, I think a little girl needs to type up a school paper.

Though somewhat simplistic, Homer's monologue touches everyone in the audience.

I'm sorry, but "The Hot Chick" is still one of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

I truly love him.

And the "Makin' Copies" skit was probably a perfect 4 stars of annoying humor.

christ on a crotch: It's FILIPINO, not Philippino

and just because he's half-Filipino, it doesn't mean he's short


I wish Leno would have held him down and took a crap on his face while chocking him out...and then raped the corpse while Homer masterbated in the corner.



We're the Aristocraaaaaaats!

Jay sounds like a bad Seth McFarlane impersonation as a cartoon...

jay leno was on the simpsons a long time ago...he washed krusty's hair!
o man, how i miss those days...

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