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Homer Does Monologue, Schneider Does Lohan

In case you missed it, and I'm assuming you did because who the hell watches Jay Leno anyway, here's Homer's monologue from last night's Tonight Show. Later in the show, Rob Schneider came in dressed as Lindsay Lohan (video after the jump). This is Rob Schneider's first foray into non-ethnic impressions in a while. Impressions are good because you can make bad jokes and when people don't laugh you just claim you were in character.

"What? No, I'm not making bad topical jokes about the astronaut from two months ago and catholic priests, I'm pretending to be Lindsay Lohan! Because she totally does that! Get it? I'm an actor."

It was brave of him to play Lindsay Lohan as a hacky, old school comic, not a lot of people would've take that risk. By the way, anyone else notice that even with platform shoes on, Schneider's still a head shorter than Jay Leno? Is he like 4' 11"?

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