Jun 18 2007The Dark Knight Rides a Bike

The guns on the batbike can by operated by speaking the magic words "Pew pew pew!"

The L.A. Times has two new pictures from The Dark Knight of the bat bike, or "Batpod" as it's referred to in the movie. I've managed to combine the two pictures here for easy browsing, utilizing Photoshop skills the likes of which the world has never seen.

It's hard to see from the picture, but the Batpod actually has a chain link steering wheel and a rack for mounting a boombox from which to blast Cypress Hill while cruising through East L.A. Odelay, guey!

Reader Comments

WTF?? first the new costume that looks like a stunt suit, and now he rides a motorcycle? this is looking more and more like a triple X movie. Hopefully Nolan will put some ramps on the streets so we can see batman do some tricks.....(spoiler)possibly the superman.

i'm guessing this bike is actually the Tumbler. the two wheels come from the Tumbler's two from wheels and ejects when batman's in "firing" mode. it just seems a bit too much.....after all, it's the Joker. jesuzz

Ricky brings up a good point. Those tires look identical to the front tires. Even still, it looks retarded and unnecessary. Batman is a detective first and a super-hero second. Let's remember that good dramatic storytelling is at the core of the character. The batarang, batmobile, and such stuff is all tertiary to character. If you bring too much tech to the character, it'll end up like James Bond in Die Another Day and such. No one wants that. I would have hoped Nolan and Bale would have been able to keep their heads about them.

Besides, Robin rides bitch in the bike. Batman rides in the pimpmobile.

doesnt the batmobile get destroyed in this movie. my guess is the bike is what gets salvaged from the batmobile. and im hoping this bike is only in the movie briefly

With every new picture, I become more frightened!

With every new picture, I become more frightened!

Dude, that comment on photoshop skills you have made me fall of the chair loughing! I'm a designer and I have never ever ever heard better descruiption of a work made by your left foot! Thanks for making my day!

All we need now are some suit nipples!

seriously, just another toy for hasbro or mattel or whoever else to pawn off on little kids. batman. motorcycle! with guns!!! i'm just waiting for him to bust out in the bat-autogyro.

yeah more suit nipples

What is the point of having a motorcycle if you have to perform a three point turn in order to go the other way?

I thought Batman swore off guns?

Why couldn't they go with a more traditional looking motorcycle? He already has on a motorcycle helmet and gear, why not complete the transformation?

Jeez everyone needs to stop bitching, this is Christopher Nolan directing here, of COURSE story will come first. Just like in Begins, all this new stuff and gadgetry will surely be explained believably. And to that comment about marketing, Batman has always been a tool for the toy companies to cash in on, in fact thats why the batmobile even exists. Man, everyone freaks out way too easily.

P.S: I love the new suit, mmmm

I really hope they don't call it "the batpod". i mean, i thought we were done with all the campy bullshit...

shut up Rey

could you make the pictures smaller please i can still make out the shadows .

could you make the pictures smaller please ,i can stil make out the shadows .

looks like a chop shopped batmobile

This site has these images in super high resolution :)


If you want to watch Al Roker and Meredith Viera fumble all over the thing, check out the video here:


I can't believe you people are annoyed about a decent-enough looking motorbike. Take a chill pill, please. It's just a bike, it's not gonna destroy the entire movie's storyline/credibility/etc.

I say, let the man have a motorcyle. It's a lot easier to navigate than a huge tank that can only fit in huge roads and say, rooftops. And ten bucks says it can do awesome stunts, which (apparently, contrary to the paranoid out there) does not make it un-cool.

We have no context here. Maybe he's just cruising around looking for bitches or Ho's on this thing... Afterall, the cops are right behind him ready to pounce if he slips a $50 to some crack Ho.

hey, batman lives in gotham, not l.a., retard

yeah everyone knows that, this article is a fucking joke.

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