Jun 19 2007Good Luck Chuck Poster


There's a new poster for Good Luck Chuck that must be clever because it imitates that Rolling Stone cover for some reason. Stars Dane Cook and Jessica Alba are photoshopped together with the deftness of a junior high girl pasting teen stars on her Trapper Keeper, but on the plus side, at least it shows Alba hopefully refused to be so surrounded by asswipe.


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gayyyyyyyy.....and first!

Could have done without the half naked Dane Cook.

Even though thats waaay better than I could ever dream to be at Photoshop, it is still pretty lame. Plus its pretty funny how you can spot how unnatural Alba looks in the mashup. The idea is great, minus Dane Cook and add me that is.

Seriously, they couldn't get the actors to pose for the poster? While the idea itself is admittedly stupid, the Photoshop work is simply appalling.

Kudos on the Trapper Keeper ref.

They photoshopped some muscle on him too.

This poster makes my brain bleed.

Let's not forget the fact that this photo was done already about 30+ years ago by Yoko Ono and John Lennon. Only John was butt naked.

Really Tilana? Was that really a photo from 30 years ago? Just wondering about your insanely obvious comment when the article somewhat more subtly mentions the imitation of a Rolling Stone cover....

There is another version, much better version that only includes Jessica Alba.
She is holding a melting ice cream cone, a very suggestive melting ice cream cone.

lol they couldnt even get alba to let cook hug her.

Alba is the asswipe. She never looks slightly attractive unless she's ultra mega photoshoped, airbrushed, digitally enhanced and after having been on a professional stylist and makeup arist's chair for at least 4 hours. She's not even attractive. And she's a complete idiot. She's sooooo mega overrated.
Maybe he refused to be surreounded by her haha.

I want to know why Dane Cook got a deal with the devil to be in movies with Jessica Simpson/Alba before me. My soul is worth a shit load more than his. All I got was this stupid shirt.

Also, I'm actually funny.

Haha, nice try Willravel... but you're not funny.

Dane Cook does not have abs.
Long live Mitch Hedberg.

I hate Dane Cook so much. and his photoshop-enlarged muscles.

I hate Dane Cook so much. and his photoshop-enlarged muscles.

Annie Leibovitz took the photo used for the Rolling Stone cover. Hooray for plagiarism and photoshop.

the picture up here from photophunia.com and u can do more ...

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