May 1 2007Superbad R-Rated Trailer


A new trailer for the hilarious-looking Superbad has been released, updating the previously released preview with raunchier, R-rated content. Like your stillborn twin sibling, this one looks a lot like the other one only with more dicks and pussies in various places. Still, it's worth seeing (the trailer, not your lump-of-flesh sibling).


Reader Comments

OK, that link doesn't work, so I went to the main site and...

Age verification?


Since when do I need age verification to see material on the internet? I put in my name, age and zip code (postal code in Canada) and it wouldn't let me in. I made up a US zip code and it wouldn't let me in. What the hell is this shit?

Why do they need this information? I could get IN to see the movie if I were under 18 easier than I can see this.

Yeah what a tease!

Try this link, suckas:

Holy crap!! That movie looks hilarious... that will no doubt be a huge hit this summer...

The link worked yesterday.. the trailer on the main site is not the R rated trailer.


sweet! Seth Rogen is the man!

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