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Good Luck Chuck Posters


For those innocents reading this, hoping to fully understand these three new posters for Good Luck Chuck, let me explain a few commonly held notions about sexual imagery.

1. Practically anything remotely dowel shaped can be thought of as a penis. If said phallus drips a white fluid and is licked, the imagery is heightened, even if the object barely resembles the shape of a penis whatsoever.

2. If a guy is shirtless and smiling, and you can see a head peeking out from his crotch, that man is almost certainly receiving oral sex.

3. I guess if you put a hole in a grapefruit, you can have sex with it? This one kind of lost me.

These descriptions will make more sense if you look at the other posters, under the cut.




  • June 19, 2007
    There's a new poster for Good Luck Chuck that must be clever because it imitates that Rolling Stone cover for some reason. Stars Dane Cook and Jessica Alba are photoshopped together with the deftness of a junior high girl pasting teen stars on her Trapper Keeper, but on the plu... / Continue →
  • January 17, 2008
    I'm sorry it's low resolution, but I needed to post what will clearly be the most apt poster of 2008. Nothing embodies the spirit of Sex and the City like terrible puns and a dense coating of rhinestones. I mean, seriously, "Get Carried Away"? It's almost too good. Only "Carrie... / Continue →
  • December 26, 2007
    Poster 1 Pros: Jeffrey Dean Morgan's creepy glare and disembodied arm do a lot to explain Uma Thurman's look of surprised terror. Flowers are pretty. Cons: Colin Firth looking past Uma like she's a Magic Eye poster. Sorry, buddy, but there's no making her character three-dime... / Continue →
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