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First Look at Final Iron Man Suit

Iron Man bursts onto the set of a Cheech and Chong movie.

Entertainment Weekly's years of Buffy reflection issues and useless Star Wars articles (a favorite of mine being "Why Boba Fett Rules") have finally paid off, with the fluff magazine being treated to an exclusive first image of the new robo-suit featured in Iron Man. The familiar form and colors come as a relief to many nervous fans who feared the suit may be updated beyond recognition, hopefully allowing the fans to concentrate on their own wardrobe for once. That loose-fitting Dragonball Z button-down shirt is not considered dress clothes just because it has a collar, fellas.


  • April 27, 2007
    USA Today has scored the first official look at Robert Downey Jr. as billionaire hero Tony Stark in Iron Man. Seen here forging his original Iron Man suit, it's clear RDJ has been working out for the role, and looks as if he'd belong in the Men of Metallurgy calendar as much as... / Continue →
  • April 12, 2007
    A shot has emerged of one of the Iron Man suits from the upcoming movie based on the comic. This is the armored suit first constructed by Tony Stark to escape while being held as POW, making me wonder why John McCain was held so long. You think you can be president when you can... / Continue →
  • January 15, 2008
    As Marvel explains on their website, "The buzz keeps bulding for May 2's Iron Man Movie!" And is it ever! How could it not be, now that we have a second (2nd!) photograph of Robert Downey Jr. with electronics strapped on his arm! It's even got some red plastic (iron?) attached ... / Continue →
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