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Blonde Ambition Trailer

Take 1988's Working Girl, remove every iota of talent, and you've got Blonde Ambition. It's genuinely one of the worst trailers I've seen, even keeping in mind that the intended audience is idiots. If I can say one thing good, it's that this is a really ideal vehicle for Jessica Simpson to show what a big dumb bimbo she is.

  • January 23, 2008
    As you watch Tyler Perry's trailer to Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns (and why wouldn't you?), you're likely to find yourself near panic around the one-minute mark. Why, you will beg, am I nearly halfway through this trailer and have yet to see Tyler Perry dressed as an overweigh... / Continue →
  • January 21, 2008
    Like the recent Laws of Attraction, or any episode of a sitcom in which the main characters go to Las Vegas, What Happens in Vegas begins with the well-established premise that anyone who gets drunk in the state of Nevada will wake up confused, naked, and married. Then, to make... / Continue →
  • December 21, 2007
    Even after the horrendous poster yesterday, the trailer to The Hottie and the Nottie has somehow managed to outdo itself in detestability. If we're meant to root for the guy to get with the leper (the "nottie), shouldn't Paris Hilton (the "hottie", I suppose) be at least as obn... / Continue →
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