Apr 6 2007Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan naked for Grindhouse


If there's one way to market a movie, it's to put Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan on the cover of Rolling Stone wearing nothing but ammo. The movie could be about Stephen Hawking and his struggle to put together a unified field theory and this would still be the best marketing scheme.

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That is kool.

rosario looks hot. rose looks odd.

Second...big deal.

very nice

Segundo ?? Ya Boo sucks !

Man, what I wouldn't eat out of Kaylee DeFer's asshole !

Yeah, it has nothing to do with Rosario and Rose, but there you go.

Are you looking at their faces Jombie?! Shame on you!

I wonder what it's like to have a penis.

I knew there was a reason I continue to subscribe to this overrated rag ... she's standing on the left.

Haaave MERCY!

rose resembles Julianne Moore in this shot. rosario looks like someone trannied up some dude and put an awkward wig on his(?) head, then photoshopped it over a great body. weird cover.

Rosario is so gorgeous. Rose looks likr she is 40.

They both look hot. What I wouldnt do to have a body like either of them.

I'd wanna have their babies.


WOW!!! They both look HOT!!! But Im so glad that Rose finally is receiving the media attention that she deserves...yeah!!!! XD

Damn - to be the meat in that sandwich!

mmmmm. retouching.

Wow!... Just, wow...

To me, Rose Mcgowan has and always will be the ultimate Goddess of Perfection. Tis just my personal opinion. I mean, cumon! As an artist, I look at the beauty, the seemingly suttle allurance, yet always the dripping red hot sex she projects with just one look, movement or with any part of her body and or face. It's sometimes quiet, and sometimes, quick. But it's always there.

*(pardon me whilst i wet mehself) ;-}

Those wigs are horrible!

Rose mcGowan is just a big whore. You'd have to be a big whore to fuck marilyn Manson *shudders*. She looks like someone grandmother here!

and with all the money Rolling Stone brings in, couldn't they at least spent more than 20 bucks on wigs?

article car crashes

rose mcgowan's ass is extremely hot

rose mcgowan's ass is extremely hot

its sad they have to put up naked girls (who obviously dont respect thier bodies) on a magazine cover to promote a movie..this is pathetic..hollywood has gone to shit

wo. she looks hot I would love to see her naked

come on babes get your hands off.

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