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Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan naked for Grindhouse


If there's one way to market a movie, it's to put Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan on the cover of Rolling Stone wearing nothing but ammo. The movie could be about Stephen Hawking and his struggle to put together a unified field theory and this would still be the best marketing scheme.

  • May 18, 2007
    The journalists at a little publication known as People nabbed the first look at the poster and stills from I Know Who Killed Me, in which Lindsay Lohan plays a stripper tortured by a serial killer. They're disappointing considering they show no stripping or torture, and she of... / Continue →
  • May 14, 2013
    Wearing what will probably be a less popular Comic Con getup than a bow tie and fez, Doctor Who star Matt Smith was spotted on the set of Ryan Gosling's directorial debut, How To Catch a Monster, looking like this. It's not immediately clear why Smith is bald and shirtless, wea... / Continue →
  • May 1, 2013
    You saw Drive, right? So you know how Stunt Drive Action™ Gosling had that full-head mask to make him look like the smooth actor he was stunt driving for? Well, similarly, here's a stunt driver in a bald Paul Giamatti head-piece for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. As you may recall, ... / Continue →
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