Apr 25 2007Fantastic Four 2 International Posters


Marvel has chosen a daring new campaign direction with their international Fantastic Four 2 posters by showing awkward portraits of the characters. My main concern with these is that it might urge some people to think, "Hey, weren't these the same guys in that really awful Fantastic Four movie a few years ago?" To which someone will surely reply, "Yes! They were!"

And it's not helping that they've airbrushed Jessica Alba into a mutant/wide-eyed Claire Forlani.

Nine (9!) more at Marvel's site.

Reader Comments

You mean Denise Richards.

Is it just me or did they pick the worst picture for Alba? Are you also wondering what is behind that "4" logo? Why? Because it looks like she's taking a leak. I dont care how hot Alba is, this is a horrible poster.

That looks nothing like her. They could have gotten one of the olsen twins, fattened her up a little and I wouldn't know the difference. Alba deserves better.

She looks like the White Chicks dudes.

alba has a butterface - fvcking ugly ass dog face, i don't know how people think she is hot.

Totally weird picture.. it almost looks like an optical illusion or something, like her head is on backward if you look at it long enough. Gross.

Besides, Alba is a skank anyway.

Yeah she does have a bit of an ugly face doesn't she?

So when did Alba turn into an Olson twin?

You're right!!! I was trying to figure out what was wrong with the picture. She does look like an Olsen twin.
She's far from ugly.

in tonights episode the part of invisible woman will be played by denise richards because alba is too busy taking it in the can from cash.

I can't look at her without thinking about a marsupial...
The poster should say 'invisible marsupial'

The camel toe in picture 2 looks good enough to eat though....

It is beyond messed up when a studio takes a perfectly gorgeous Latina like Jessica Alba and try to make her look like a whitebread Sue Storm. She looks like one of the Children of the Corn.

What's with the whole making people have blue eyes? She didn't have them in the first and all of a sudden she does. They've done this with a few movies recently.

They Should've stick with the idea of having Ali Larter play Invisible Woman instead of forcing latina Jessica Alba and turning her into a blue eyed blonde caucasian...i mean if the makeup and stuff worked thats okay...but its not...and jessica should have known better than to accept this role!

i think Chris Rock better than her, and no one will recognize the difference...


God that is one seriously weird poster. I'm reminded of tarsiers here!
Ugh. And PLEASE, does anyone even think she can act? :O
God awful first movie =/= sequel, people.

man izzy why do you have to be such a jerk man i dint like that she is a good actor and very sweet for allof you out there i love this woman but not like that i love youre movie and want to ask you so many questions about you

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