Mar 21 2007Natalie Portman Nudity Turns Out Disappointing

When word spread that the Milos Forman film Goya's Ghosts would feature torture scenes of a nude Natalie Portman, the world cheered as we ignored the torture part and concentrated on the idea of seeing her little boobs. The scenes have turned up online, and they're nearly as disappointing as seeing my own nudity (without the tears). First off, while she's technically nude, they've cleverly obscured the parts with the bumps and slits we most look forward to. Secondly, it's apparently just a gaunt body double when you aren't seeing her face. Also, the torture aspect somehow takes something away from the sexuality of the situation. Still though...

More clips with more torture, not much more nudity, here.

Reader Comments

Is it wrong that her tears have aroused me?

forget the nudity.. I love her hair.

No wanting to be picky but doesn't she have tan lines across her bum? MAKEUP!!!


She's a horrible actress, my gosh, just horrible.

Her starving, bony appearance was actually symptomatic of the newest trend in Hollywood: the death diet. Clearly the healthy look is sooo 2006, and this year the look will be an interesting combination of Star Wars: The Next Generation alumni and rigor mortis.

On the bright side, I'll be watching The Professional again for the 500th time. I still won't get the subtle love story between the older, creepy French man and the little dead girl, but I'll naturally enjoy the explosions and slight early 90s nudity.

"bumps and slits".

The SIlver Screen is dead.

Oh yes you are right!
It is probably a nudity double...

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Coulda' been worse. Coulda' been Mel Gibson gettin' his Ass Whipped! Wait!? Is That A BAD Thing? Spanky Spanky!~

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Clark, rot in hell you disgusting piece of shit. Ditto to what ever mysogynist asshole wrote this.


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