February 5, 2007

The Kingdom Poster


I like my heroes to be overtly heroic and my enemies to be faceless villains from a foreign culture. That's why I like this poster and American politics.


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Does anyone else notice that the font for this movie's title looks exactly like that for The Lion King? It doesn't help that it shares the words "The" and "King".


From the creators of the 'X-Files'.

Cool, they made a live-action 'Team America'.

does jamie foxxx get his nob out in this movive?

I actually prefer my movie posters to be badly composited in photoshop. I really dig them when there appears to be multiple light sources.

The twist at the end of the movie is that the 2 'arabs' turn out to be Bush and Cheney. That is if the movie studios dont' have it their way. I am suspecting they will turn out to be Castro and Hugo Chavez

LOL, that's a true comment ryesca. Funny how hollywood is trying to make it seem like we are winning the war out there, my friends in the military think otherwise.

What do you know, that is for a real movie!



As a Brit I feel sorry for the Americans that hate this crap, but don't get heard over the shouting yokal's

That looks like the Dome of the Rock in the background, so the heroes are walking in Jerusalem.

I guess that the hostile country they're talking about is Israel.

all the secondary text looks like the font used in 24 (in promotions and such). they know their audience.

amerikkka lol

The FBI isn't allowed to operate outside the United States, durrrr durrrrr

"The FBI isn't allowed to operate outside the United States, durrrr durrrrr"

Hey, thats AMERICA your talking about boy. They can do as they damn well please! Its in the constitution!



I actually just went on IMDb to check if this was real...... i thought it was a hoax...... apparently not

God, Americans need to get out (of their own country) more :-)

U.S. foreign office (funny to think there is such a thing) travel advice:

'Watch out for the brown people'

If you mess with America, we WILL send a black cop on your ass. And he does not play by the rules.

Are women (even American) allowed on Saudi soil, without burqas? I thought that the religious police would beat them up.

Such disappointment in Jennifer Garner. Not so much in Jamie Foxx - this is the usual crap he pulls.


I wonder if those two Arabs are sufficiently intrigued by that dusty movie poster to go in and see the flick?

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