February 28, 2007

Star Trek Cast Filling Out?


According to IGN, Paramound may be near signing the leads for JJ Abram's Star Trek XI. The report claims Matt Damon, long-rumored for the part, will take on the role of Kirk, with Adrien Brody and Gary Sinise filling in the roles of Spock and Bones respectively.

If they can actually get this cast pulled together, it would really elevate the franchise to a new level, but I was under the impression they were meant to be around college age for this prequel. While I acknowledge that Gary Sinise has essentially been playing Bones for most of his career, if they try to sell me on him as a 24-year-old, I'll shit myself.

Incidentally, if they give Adrien Brody the classic Vulcan ears along with his standard nose, his entire head will be covered in giant, pointed curves of flesh, and it will be gross.


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Considering Bones was 143 in the very last Trek movie in which he appeared, I don't think Sinese will be a stretch. Althought the overall project gives me the jeebs.

Matt Damon as Kirk?


hmm... I think casting directors these days are doing too many drugs... Matt Damon as Kirk is ridiculous.

I like Damon a lot, but I just don't see him as Kirk at all.

Though casting Broody as an alien seems a bit too easy.

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