January 22, 2007

Spider-Man 3 Photos


This may be what we call "old shit," but someone pointed out to me that the official Spider-Man 3 site has some possibly new pictures in the wallpapers section that I hadn't yet seen, showing off the new costumes and such. The above is James Franco, as Harry Osborn, taking over the villainous ways of his Green Goblin father by becoming Awesome Xtreme Super X-Box Dude.

A few others are under the cut.

Warning: Imitating this pose should NOT be done in the street or by anyone attempting to give off the impression of heterosexuality.

"Oh, hey. I was just brooding or whatever."

The Sandman, best known for his spot-on Pig-Pen impression.

"This is totally like that part in The Mummy."


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