October 11, 2006

New "Saw III" Poster Contains Human Fluids


They've made yet another poster to Saw III poster, but to make this one interesting they've added the excitement of possible hepatitis C transmission by including the actual blood of actor Tobin Bell with the reds in the ink. The original print is up for auction at the official site with proceeds going to the Red Cross. The poster also works well as a sequel to the Spoon album "Gimme Fiction."


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ummm... gross?

at least it wasn't minstrel blood. THAT would have been crossing the line.

damn bards.

Minstrel blood?
Oh yeah, that musician blood is pure E-V-I-L.

(nice Spoon joke, btw)

holy crap i thought that monk died in the da vinci code.

Ed Harris is one sexy bitch in a bathrobe minstrel blood or no.

He's suppose to be fucking dead.

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