June 12, 2006

Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift Babes


Are you going to see The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift? Well these hot sluts are! In lieu of production stills, the studio has decided to sell its strengths, sending out a series of pictures of sexy babes with cars. It all has very little to do with the movie, but a few of the pictures show semi-visible nipples, so it might be worth your time.

See more "headlights" behind the cut, if you get my "drift." You'd better be "fast," though, or someone will catch you "furiously" masturbating. "Tokyo."






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Bless them for trying.

YUUUUMMMMMY! Any guy whose been to those fast car shows have seen women like these.

But for those of us who live out in the boondocks of boredom, this eye candy feel good in stomach...

Wow, the two girls on the bottom = yum.

That green Mustang is nice, too.

Thank you God for these wonderful gifts.

Boobs are cool.

Truly, they are god's greatest marketing invention.

uuuhhh...~ agreed with #1, bless em! hahha...

Are these like those old optical illusion posters? Because I can't see any cars. Wait..., nope. No cars.

Yeesh! I don't even need to see the movie. Never would see the movie. This would be all I go for and its right here. On my computer. In the dark. And well, you get the idea. Long story short, $7 won't be wasted for sure!

These girls r hot n i seen them in the movie but in the begging of the parking lot scene there was a lot of upskirts n skinny jap. chicks trying 2 show of things they dont have, if only all the girls in the movie looked like these

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