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Red, Red Rum: Watch a Supercut of Kubrick's Use of Red


As has been stated and restated in so many a last-minute film studies paper, Stanley Kubrick's deliberate, powerful use of red is worth exploring as a visual motif extending throughout the director's oeuvre. Thankfully, Rishi Kaneria is not asking us to read ten pages on that. As they did with their similarly-themed Pixar ROYGBIV supercut, the editor instead presents Kubrick's many scarlet hues as simple, to-the-point montage that lets the director's brilliant images speak for themselves. A great visual treat for cinephiles; a horrible prank for daltonists. Have a look below.

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See the Latest Thing Spilled from George Lucas's Brain with 'Strange Magic' Trailer


George Lucas may finally be done tinkering with the Star Wars saga, but rest assured, he's still finding ways to keep himself busy adding new music and hammy CGI characters to a classic. Strange Magic sees Lucasfilm take an idea from Lucas to give that treatment to Shakespeare's immortal A Midsummer Night's Dream. Lucas's idea? What if we turned Epic into a goofy jukebox musical, apparently:

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Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Merchant, John Krasinski Making Entire Show About Lip Sync Battles


Like your high school during the spirit week assembly, Spike TV has decided to devote a full half-hour to watching people lip sync. The network has reportedly teamed with Jimmy Fallon for Lip Sync Battle, a series that will see celebrities pretending that they're singing songs, competing to see who can feign that in the hammiest fashion.

Fallon has regularly featured such contests on his late night shows, but some may forget that credit was actually first given to guest Stephen Merchant and his Office-mate John Krasinski for having dubiously "created" the idea of people lip syncing against each other. Thusly, those two are also going to be involved in the series, with all three men attached to appear and perform in these pleasantly wholesome battles.

Spike will premiere Lip Sync Battle on April 2. Then they'll decide whether it makes sense to go through with Celebrity Wheelbarrow Races.

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TV Trailers: See What 'Portlandia' and 'Better Call Saul' Have For Us


Confused, frightened, even infirm about cable's incoming season of new and returning series? Well, from familiarity comes comfort, from which comes the sedentary lifestyle that invites us to sit around watching these cable shows in the first place. So get acquainted with the early 2015 offerings of IFC and AMC with these new promos for Portlandia and Better Call Saul.

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'Friends'/'Guardians of the Galaxy' Mash-Up Works Far Better Than It Should


I always thought a mash-up of the Nova Corps space prison and Oz would have been the way to go. This really works too, though:

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ACCESS GRANTED to '90s Computer Hacking Supecut


From FoundItemClothing, here's a supercut of some of the totally baddest hacking of '90s cinema. Watch below. Learn. Then use your new skills to find the backdoor on the firewall, break into the mainframe, gain access to their file sys, inseminate their kernel with your cyberseed, and so on.

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Tom Cruise Might Be Immortal, Also Might Star in 'Highlander' Remake


Tom Cruise's immortality may soon extend beyond the promise he'll "be born again into the flesh or into another body." According to The Wrap, Cruise may take on the mentor role in the Highlander reboot that Summit Entertainment has long been trying to launch as a way to sell some highland property they bought.

The part--that of Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez--was previously, weirdly filled by Sean Connery in the original film, but it's not yet certain Cruise will even enter negotiations to take it over. It's said he's still "far from talks," and already the project has been plagued by people not wanting to be in it: Ryan Reynolds and director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo already bailed on this thing over a year ago. Perhaps it's time to just let Highlander exist as what it long has been--something Christopher Lambert starts acting out whenever he has access to a knife.

'Zoolander 2' Finally Moving Forward with Penélope Cruz


Now that Dumb and Dumber To has made belated sequels about dimwits so hot right now--or at least hot enough to open at number one against some much smaller new releases--Ben Stiller may finally get his long talked-about shot at puckering his lips again. Deadline reports that Zoolander 2 is finally moving forward in earnest, with casting of new parts at last beginning. First to sign on to the film? Penélope Cruz, who is said to be joining returning stars Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Will Ferrell. Actor and Tropic Thunder writer Justin Theroux will direct from his own script. Blue Steel's blueness will now be achieved by way of an Instagram filter. The children of The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too will now be adults, reading good, doing other stuff good too. It's been thirteen years since the original, you guys.