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New 'Jupter Ascending' Trailer: Channing Tatum Admits He's Fairly Dog-Like


We've already seen a couple trailers for the Wachowskis' latest convoluted sci-fi epic, Jupiter Ascending. This latest one differentiates itself by streamlining the plot--deemphasizing the out-there crazy stuff like Mila Kunis being a janitor, concentrating on the less wild parts like Mila Kunis being the reincarnation of the queen of the universe. It is also the first preview in which Channing Tatum's frat-boy cyber-elf character says that he's more like a dog than he is like Kunis. Not the first time he's been compared to a canine (see Lisa Hanawalt's spot-on illustrated review of The Vow for that), but still extremely accurate.

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Emma Watson To Remain Clothed for 'Colonia', Michael Strahan To Strip for 'Magic Mike XXL'


In casting things today: Michael Strahan is going to strip for the Magic Mike sequel, and Emma Watson will, despite rumors otherwise, continue to stubbornly keep her clothes on for Colonia.

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Watch Trailers for Next Half-Dozen or So Marvel Movies


From Chris Pratt's SNL debut, here's a look at Marvel's movie plans well into the future of them throwing a bunch of jerks together into a ragtag group of space misfits. Because they'll know we'll watch whatever. Especially if there's a Harlem Globetrotter or a tuxedo-wearing ghost in there:

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Shatner Says Abrams Called Him About Being in Next 'Star Trek'


Absent from the Star Trek franchise since the last time he somehow met another cast in Generations, William Shatner is reportedly in talks to again somehow meet another cast for the follow-up to Star Trek Into Darkness. According to, the octogenarian Kirk told a crowd at Wizard World Nashville Comic Con that he got a phone call to re-join the series by none other than former Star Trek director and current Star Trek telemarketer J.J. Abrams.

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Movie Remake of Late-80s CBS Series Ends Up Being Fine Idea


Denzel Washington and his socialist promise of equalization this weekend proved enticing at the box office. The movie remake of The Equalizer took the top spot this weekend, debuting to the fourth-highest September opening ever. Fellow wide-release newcomer The Boxtrolls, meanwhile, had to settle for fourth. That'll teach them to title a movie like a euphemism for pubic lice.

Here's your weekend box office:

1. The Equalizer - $35 million

2. The Maze Runner - $17.5 million

3. The Boxtrolls - $17.3 million

4. This Is Where I Leave You - $7 million

5. Dolphin Tale 2 - $4.8 million

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

Key and Peele Doing Substitute Teacher Comedy, Straight-Up Horror


Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are giving the film world another explosively-angry, outsider substitute teacher who is not a Kindergarten Cop. Speaking to EntertainmentWeekly, the comedy duo revealed that've been in talks with Paramount to develop a movie about the star of the below "Substitute Teacher" sketch that's already earned over 58 million views. The bit focuses on Mr. Garvey, an inner-city sub who struggles with the pronunciations of suburban white kid names, thus challenging our ideas of normalcy and being pretty funny for a couple minutes. Two of the Key & Peele staff writers are already attached to figure out how to draw out that roll call another 88 minutes or so.

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Thomas Pynchon Makes a Rare Cameo in 'Inherent Vice'


In news that is doubtlessly freaking out Thomas Pynchon, The New York Times has revealed that the brilliant and famously reclusive author likely makes a rare, not-animated-in-a-paper-bag cameo in the adaptation of his Inherent Vice.

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James Franco's 'SNL' Documentary Now Streaming on Hulu Plus


Back in 2008, when he was a graduate student at NYU, James Franco made at least one project that did not directly concern himself. Using his Franco access, he went to Studio 8H and shot a documentary showing what it's like to make an episode of Saturday Night Live, from top to bottom, from host John Malkovich to musical guest TI. The film debuted at the TriBeCa Film Festival back in 2010, but never got distribution since--until, quite suddenly, now. As announced a few days ago by the caption on this photo of a screaming, bald Franco, "THE SNL DOCUMENTARY is finally coming out!!!" Streaming from Hulu Plus, it's Saturday Night! And it's right here, should you possess the desire and a log-in.