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'X-Files' Revival Run Still Has the Original Credits


Good news for X-Files traditionalists and David Duchovny's hope to keep his youthful FBI headshot: the new run of The X-Files uses the original series opening credits from 1993. As reported by THR (via), series creator Chris Carter "has kept the series' original opening credits exactly as they were when the show first aired."

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Pixar's New 'Good Dinosaur' Trailer: Meet the Adorable Dinosaur That's a Human Slaver


From Disney•Pixar, here's a new trailer for The Good Dinosaur, the upcoming coming-of-age, boy-and-his-dog film that casts a dinosaur as the boy and a boy as the dog. Like the majority of Pixar-led efforts, the film looks like a fun and undoubtedly touching adventure. Just a shame that, come Good Dinosaur 3, it's going to be really depressing when Arlo the dinosaur decides his cute pet isn't so cute and ditches his balding, middle-aged man in a Dino-Wendy's parking lot.

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You're Getting a 'Flatliners' Reboot, and Ellen Page Will Star in That


Prepare to once again learn that we can't cheat the inevitable--the "inevitable" being a modernized remake of every reasonably successful film--because Ellen Page is going to star in a new version of Flatliners. Original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo director Niels Arden Oplev is reportedly already signed on to helm the film from a script from Source Code writer Ben Ripley.

The original 1990 film starred Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon, Oliver Platt, and William Baldwin as medical students performing dangerous secret experiments in death, resurrection, and the afterlife experienced in the interim. The remake will tell a similar story, only now, to modernize things, the characters will constantly mention how, no, they have not yet found time to watch and learn the lessons of this year's The Lazarus Effect.

Watch the New Trailer for Scorsese and HBO's '70s Music Drama, 'Vinyl'


I haven't heard this much glorification of '70s music outside of every top comment on a YouTube video for a '70s song.

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CBS Names Series 'Nancy Drew' for Some Reason


According to Deadline, CBS has started development on yet another crime procedural about cops to fill the primetime schedule. Confusingly, this one will be named Nancy Drew for some reason. Grey's Anatomy executive producers Joan Rater and Tony Phelan will executive produce and co-write the series, which focuses on a 30-something NYPD detective investigating cases and balancing that work with her personal life. The detective is likewise named "Nancy Drew," which, granted, makes sense given the title, but it still kind of makes it seem like this is about teenage, amateur sleuth Nancy Drew, right? It's not, though. This is about a grown adult woman who is solving cases at a professional level, because that is literally her job. This Nancy Drew will be fired if she doesn't solve The Secret of the Old Clock.

Finally, There Will Be a TV Series About Nicholas Sparks


At last, we're going to get to meet the guy behind the guy who is about to kiss a woman in a romantic profile shot. Deadline reports that prolific maudlin schlock-master Nicholas Sparks has sold a half-hour sitcom project he's written for television.

While Sparks has long found inspiration in himself, leading him to write his same basic boilerplate story over and over, this time he's taking that idea more literally. Titled The Next Chapter (GET IT?), the comedy is said to be semi-autobiographical, focusing on a bestselling romance novelist who gets divorced (Sparks is himself a recent divorcé) and starts to question the idea of love that he's been packaging up and selling all these years. It's thought to be the first thing Sparks has written that actually makes us kind of excited for when this tale inevitably falls apart into tragedy.

'Furious 8' Finally Has a Director To Tell Vin Diesel Where To Drive


As teased by the above photo posted by Facebook app Vin Diesel, F. Gary Gray is the choice to direct Furious 8. According to THR, Diesel, Universal Pictures, and cars have managed to agree on who to helm the next chapter of The Hasty and The Livid saga, offering the job to Gray over other shortlist contenders Louis Leterrier, Adam Wingard, and William Eubank. Gray has, after all, already pulled off elaborate car stunts in The Italian Job remake. He's already worked with Diesel on A Man Apart. And, above all, he gave the most constructive feedback on the Fast/Furious high school graduation photo display Vin Diesel stayed up all night working on.

'Jaws 19' Has the 2015 Trailer It Was Promised


The Back to the Future trilogy's HD, 30th anniversary release is coming out in just a couple weeks, and the PR machine is in full motion. Christopher Lloyd has put his lab coat back on; Pepsi is doing a timely release of Pepsi Perfect; Donald Trump is recreating the future's darkest Biff timeline; and now Universal has put out a teaser trailer for Jaws 19, the sequel teased by Back to the Future, Part II:

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