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Supercut of All the Times in 'Jingle All the Way' Arnold Uses 'Cookie' as a Crude Euphemism

Happy Christmas!

'Entourage' Trailer: Here You Go, Bros


Ari, Vince, E, Turtle, Drama, Bugs, Hazmat, Krimb, The Lieutenant, Dr. Nutz, Dave (The Human Pig), the guy from PCU--the guys are all back together for the Entourage movie! Here's the trailer:

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'The Interview' Coming Out on Christmas After All


It's a Christmas miracle! Answering the prayers of all the good little girls and boys, the birth of Christ will be announced by a bright light in the sky that is Kim Jong-un's head exploding in a fireball. Yes, in response to public outcry, Presidential backlash, and a sudden spike in interest in watching Seth Rogen and James Franco joke around some more, Sony is releasing The Interview on its original release date. The comedy will reportedly come to select theaters--among them, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin and Atlanta's Plaza Theater--as well as yet-undetermined video-on-demand services on December 25.

"The people have spoken! Freedom has prevailed! Sony didn't give up! The Interview will be shown at theaters willing to play it on Xmas day," Rogen said in a tweet that is impossible not to read in his voice.

Time will tell if, like The Gift of the Magi, now that audiences are finally getting what they wanted, it will turn out that they already traded their interest for a reluctant acceptance to just go ahead and see the new Hunger Games.

Marvel Found Their Luke Cage


Mike Colter is the latest actor to join the ever-expanding Marvel Universe of long-term contracts. Colter, who previously did series work on The Following and The Good Wife, has been officially cast in the title role of Marvel and Netflix's Luke Cage. Before getting his own 13-episode run, he'll first be introduced in Jessica Jones, Marvel's Daredevil follow-up that has Krysten Ritter attached to star.

Also known as Power Man, the character of Luke Cage possesses enhanced strength and nigh-unbreakable skin. He is the hero who has all the powers you look for in a new iPhone case.

Nicholas Sparks Finally Tells an Alan Alda Love Story in 'The Longest Ride' Trailer


A poster featuring benign, attractive, white people gazing at each other through a heavenly backlight? A tale of an older person looking back on the love of their youth? Yeah, this is a fucking Sparks alright.

The Longest Ride is the tenth and latest adaptation of a book from Nicholas Sparks, the writing computer we have permanently stuck on "mawkish romance." This one tells the story of a city girl who falls for a rodeo guy. ALSO, it tells the story Alan Alda is telling the city girl, a tale of how he once had a beautiful HBO-themed love between himself (Boardwalk Empire's Jack Huston) and Game of Thrones' Oona Chaplin. Then, the stories converge as the couple from the past magically transports to the present and has an orgy with the other couple, all while Alda quietly watches from his hospital bed. See it this April. Here's the trailer:

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'Star Trek 3' Has a Director Familiar with Fast Vehicles


Justin Lin is going from cars to spaceships--or as we call them in the future, "wheelless cars." The Fast and Furious series director who took over on the third film is now being asked to do that with Star Trek, Deadline reporting that Lin has been offered the job of following up Into Darkness. It's bad news if you were hopeful for Lin's previously-reported return to the Fast franchise: now that he's attached to this job, he's pretty much out for doing anything else after his two-part True Detective run. But on the bright side, it's good news if you'd always hoped for more intermittent shots of the Enterprise's stick shift.

'Doctor Strange' Director Posts First Look at Benedict Cumberbatch as Some Kind of Cosmic Creep


Is this a hint that Marvel's Doctor Strange is going to end up also being the cosmic being known as Eternity? No. Don't be stupid, nerd. It's just some kind of weird Photoshop project Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson has posted to show us that Benedict Cumberbatch's take on the character will still have his little facial hair. Here's the full thing:

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Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs Movie Updates to Kate Winslet


Finding yet another way for Sony to look like a real turd out there, Universal has got Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs movie back on track again as a potential awards contender--now with frequent awards contender Kate Winslet attached.

As you may recall from previous news items and embarrassing leaked emails, Sony had mismanaged Sorkin's film to the point of it losing director David Fincher, and potential stars Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio, before the studio ended up just dropping the whole thing. Now, according to Variety, the film is moving forward again at Universal, with Danny Boyle still directing, Michael Fassbender still attached to the lead role, Seth Rogen still playing Steve Wozniak, and Kate Winslet in talks to play the female lead.

Seasoned Sorkin dialogue-deliverer Jeff Daniels is also said to be up for a supporting role in the film. So the next time someone around him is talking about the most annoying sound in the world, it will be in reference to that awful dull plunk you get as an alert noise in OS X.