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New 'Spider-Man' Might Come from Writer-Director Drew Goddard


Well, it seems Marvel must be pretty impressed with how Drew Goddard writes for a costumed vigilantes jumping around New York rooftops. According to Deadline, the Daredevil showrunner now has a meeting about possibly writing and directing the Spider-Man reboot that Marvel's Kevin Feige is helping Sony out with. Goddard was previously attached to write and direct Sony's Sinister Six Spider-Man spin-off film before the studio decided to instead just reboot things again, so if this work out, this will be a pretty nice promotion for him. Because no one likes having to work on the group project.

Netflix Announces Summer Premieres for 'Wet Hot American Summer', 'Orange is the New Black'


Ready to return to the isolated internment and sexual experimentation of camp/prison? Well, be ready in a few months, because Netflix just announced premiere dates for Orange is the New Black season three and Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. Orange will be back with new episodes June 12, while the series prequel to Wet Hot American Summer will reportedly show us the fever, into the fire, taking us higher and higher, on June 12. Fellow Netflix originals Between and Sense8 will debut their first seasons on May 5 and June 5, respectively. And, of course, that means a roughly early August debut for leaving our couch-nests, peering outside, and hissing at the bright summer sun.

Will Ferrell Chugs 40, Gives Eskimo Blowjob in 'Get Hard' Red-Band Trailer


Caution: contains exposed "Nazi titties," our most morally conflicting breasts.

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Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Two-Dozen Personalities in Most Desperate Plea for Oscar


Leonardo DiCaprio may have found himself the most complex, fascinating, difficult role yet for him to not win an Oscar for. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor is attached to play a man with 24 different personalities in The Crowded Room. Taking a part that--like an Academy Award--he has "eyed for nearly 20 years," DiCaprio would play Billy Milligan, a pioneer in the insanity defense. In the late '70s, Milligan was charge with robbery and multiple rapes at Ohio State University but managed to get off by way of the first acquittal by multiple personality disorder, lawyers claiming that his other selves committed the crimes without his knowledge. It's a film based on real life, and a role based in mental illness and showcasing a variety of convincing characters. Really, the only way this could be better set up as Best Actor awards bait is if it did not star Leonardo DiCaprio.

Go for Grubes: Will Forte Thinks They Could Write Shit Out of 'MacGruber 2' Very Soon


Will Forte has starred in a serious, Oscar-nominated film and he now has his own, promising new series on Fox, but the man remains as committed as ever to rippin' throats. In a Reddit AMA over the weekend, Forte reaffirmed his promise to make a MacGruber sequel--and this time he offered that he just might be able to "write the shit out of it" in the next month or so.

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Weekend Box Office: Will Smith Has Still Got It, Sort Of


While it debuted to less than half the numbers that Hitch opened to a decade ago, Focus nonetheless managed an unimpressive win over a lazy weekend at the box office. Still, safe to say that as far as Will Smith con jobs go, we will all continue to remember him best for convincing that rich Bel Air family that he was their nephew.

Here's your top five:

1. Focus - $19.1 million

2. Kingsman: The Secret Service - $11.8 million

3. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water - 11.2 million

4. Fifty Shades of Grey - $10.9 million

5. The Lazarus Effect - $10.6 million

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

Get Some J. R. R. BDSM with the 'Fifty Shades of Gandalf the Grey' Trailer


Once again, Gandalf leaves me thinking, "He should have just got there by riding an eagle."

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'Wolf of Wall Street' as '80s Sitcom Is Fantastic


Is this all legal? Probably fucking not; despite parody fair use, there's likely an issue with actually using the Who's the Boss theme song. But it is very much worth watching:

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