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Oh, Hi, Abe: Tommy Wiseau Would Like To Play Lincoln in a Slavery Film, But First He'll Win Some Emmys


Once a slave to Lisa's seductions, emotionally shackled to his lover even when she was tearing him apart like the Civil War-era United States, Tommy Wiseau now says he'd like to deal with slavery more literally with a movie on the subject.

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Watch a Half-Hour of Concentrated '80s Radness with 'Kung Fury'


Kung Fury involves a cool, time-traveling Kung Fu cop, Vikings with chain guns, Nazis, robots, a sweet Lambo, and a character called TriceraCop, who is precisely what that sounds like. In essence, it is everything a kid growing up in the '80s hoped to see in an action movie at the time--which is probably why those now-grown kids spent their adult money on it. The project was Kickstarted in December 2013, and after an awful lot of green-screen work and VHS filtering, it's just now getting its big release.

If you couldn't guess from the description, the whole thing is pretty on-the-nose with its high-concept premise--it may be the first film in which a lack of pirate ninjas shows surprising restraint--but it's nonetheless a hugely impressive effort that's worth a watch. Particularly because it's free and only takes half an hour. And did I mention there's a cop with the head of a dinosaur?

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Witness This '80s Grindhouse 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Trailer


Sorry, Death Proof, but you are no longer our best car-centric, faux-grindhouse film. This is:

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Now We Know Who Andy Serkis Is Playing in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'


In a new interview with recent The Force Awakens set photographer Annie Leibovitz, has revealed what role Andy Serkis will be playing in the new film. That role? "Supreme Leader Snoke," which I believe was also the name of China's release of the 1993 comedy Dave. Details on the character haven't been revealed, but as you can see above, we do know that it has forced Serkis back into his usual work uniform, assuring us that the actor has once again been typecast as pixels.

Will Forte Will Help Key & Peele Find Keanu


Will Forte is joining the hunt for Keanu, and stupidly, this is not John Wick 2 casting news. THR brings the disappointing word that, rather, this Keanu is a cat, and Forte will be chasing him down in the comedy Keanu. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are starring in the film, which follows "two friends who decide to act like gangster drug-dealers in order to retrieve a stolen kitten." Method Mad is already signed to play a murderous drug lord who falls for their ruse, and it seems Forte will play a low-level weed dealer obsessed with black culture, finally giving MacGruber some company among Forte characters that will casually drop a "homie."

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Conan the Barbarian Will Probably Also Build a Cinematic Universe


What is best in life? Crush your enemies; see them driven before you; develop your brand into a global, interconnected film franchise; and hear the lamentations of Robert E. Howard's ghost. And soon, this fantastic life may become a reality for Fredrik Malmberg.

His Cabinet Entertainment has acquired Paradox Entertainment Inc., and with that deal has come the rights to Conan the Barbarian and the rest of Robert E. Howard's vast library of characters. Naturally, Malmberg's plan is to turn those into a Marvel-style cinematic universe.

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Robert Redford Goes 'Wild' for 'A Walk in the Woods' Trailer


Ruining your idea for The Bucket List meets Wild, here's the trailer for A Walk in the Wild, the film in which Robert Redford and Nick Nolte try to hike the Appalachian Trail. Will Redford and THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE finally realize they love each other? Soon, we will know. In the meantime, here's the trailer:

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'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' Is Getting Another Movie


Following a terrible 2003 film and an aborted series attempt a couple years ago, Alan Moore's seminal League of Extraordinary Gentlemen will once again probably be a complete failure on screens. The Tracking Board reports that the comic--which teamed up characters like Allan Quatermain, Captain Nemo, and Dr. Jekyll into a literari Avengers--is once again in movie development at 20th Century Fox. Details are sparse, but suffice to say, Alan Moore will hate this.