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Emma Watson To Star in Disney's Live-Action 'Beauty and the Beast'


Harry Potter's Emma Watson is returning to a world of magic and kind of dating down a bit if you ask me. As announced toay by the actress herself, Watson is attached to the lead in Disney's new live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. If this sounds familiar, it's beacuse she was already attached to star in a re-imagining of Beauty and the Beast four years ago. But that was a Guillermo del Toro-produced version, wherein, because of that, the Beast would have probably looked so grotesque that you wouldn't have minded if Gaston killed him. In contrast, Disney's version sounds like it's thoroughly The Disney Version, songs and all. As Watson explained:

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Witness a Thrilling Ménage à Keanu in 'Knock Knock' Trailer


For the first time since that part in the Matrix where a couple guys hold Neo down and shove something in his belly button, Keanu Reeves is getting coerced into a frightening three-way. Or at least that's the takeaway I got from this teaser trailer for Eli Roth's latest, Knock Knock. Reeves stars as a married man who, left alone while his wife and kids are at the beach, finds himself in some trouble when a couple sexy young women unexpectedly show up at his door. This is why you don't leave your Keanu at home unattended, ladies. Also, he chews up shoes.

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Weekend Box Office: Johnny Depp's Mustache Fails To Woo Audiences


Well, looks like it's going to take some real work for me to popularize my catchphrase, "That's as hot as the David Koepp action-comedy Mortdecai, starring Johnny Depp!" The only film brave enough to wipe off Depp's pancake makeup, so that the mustache spirit gum would stick, opened at a miserable $4.1 million--well behind even such rival, awful-looking new releases as George Lucas's "Epic" as a Jukebox Musical and J.Lofetime Original Movie. American Sniper, meanwhile, continue to kill it (with moral ambiguity) with one of the biggest second weekends ever. Since it opened in a few locations before the new year, it's now on track to beat out Mockingjay, Part 1 to become the biggest domestic release of 2014.

Here's the weekend box office:

1. American Sniper - $64.4 million

2. The Boy Next Door - $15 million

3. Paddington - $12.4 million

4. The Wedding Ringer - $11.6 million

5. Taken 3 - $7.6 million

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

Duplass Brothers Make Four-Picture Deal with Netflix


Though still unable to split off a third brother, Mark and Jay Duplass have yet found another way to ensure they'll be somehow more ubiquitous than they already are. The duo have reportedly just signed a deal with Netflix agreeing that--whenever they have some time amid Togetherness, The League, Parenthood, The Mindy Project, and whatever other things they'll show up in--they'll shoot four films for the service. Netflix will finance the films, and they'll have a brief theatrical release before becoming available to stream.

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Patrick Stewart Will Do a Line in First 'Blunt Talk' Teaser


The silhouette of Patrick Stewart snorting a massive line of coke. It's something Jonathan Frakes only glimpsed once, during a late night shoot on the 1988 season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but now it's something you can see again and again thanks to this brief teaser for Blunt Talk--the new comedy series from author and Bored to Death creator Jonathan Ames. Make it so below.

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Peter Bogdanovich Made Another Film, and Here's the Trailer


After fourteen years since he last had a film in theaters with The Cat's Meow, Peter Bogdanovich and his ascot are back with another directorial effort that smacks of modern Woody Allen. She's Funny That Way stars Imogen Poots as a young woman who's funny in that way that having sex in exchange for money is funny, I guess. Owen Wilson cheats on his wife (Kathryn Hahn) to spend a night with her, but that ends up being a whole thing when Poots gets a role in Wilson's play and starts dating his friend. Screwballiness intensifies from there. Bogdanovich's old Paper Moon and Last Picture Show stars Tatum O'Neal and Cybill Shepherd co-star alongside Rhys Ifans, Will Forte, and Jennifer Aniston. It's a Marley & Me reunion! Here's the trailer:

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Shaq To Star in Semi-Autobiographical Sitqom


TruTV is getting ready to explore the all-too-real truth of Shaq's continued acting career. The cable network has reportedly started development on Shaq Inq., a scripted workplace comedy to be loosely based on the business side of Shaquille O'Neal's life--like his real estate investments, his head's appearance on soda cans, and how much Gold Bond is still paying him to goof around in commercials that seemingly air only after Jeopardy. O'Neal will also star--reprising the popular "Shaq" character he's played before in Curb Your Enthusiasm, Scary Movie 4, Jack and Jill, and the National Basketball Association--though the series seems to be set up as an ensemble that looks at "the offbeat yet capable group" working for him. Finally, an American The Office in which the framing of two-shots is always incredibly awkward.

'Doctor Strange' To Feature Sobering '12 Years a Slave' Crossover


Doctor Strange is gearing up to be Marvel's first bit of escapist fare to also recall the horrors of slavery. According to THR, title star Benedict Cumberbatch may be joined by his 12 Years a Slave co-star Chiwetel Ejiofor in the superhero film, which Scott Derrickson is directing for a November 2016 release. Talks are said to still be in early stages, and it's not yet clear whom Ejiofor would be playing. Right now, casting is less about filling roles and more about securing all the British guys with the best names to say aloud.