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Joaquin Phoenix Getting Back with M. Night Shyamalan


In a twist truly none of us saw coming, Joaquin Phoenix is going to go back to working with M. Night Shyamalan. Over a decade since The Village, Phoenix will reportedly now re-team with the increasingly-decried Shyamalan on a project already set to shoot in November. Like Shyamalan's upcoming spooky grandparents film, The Visit, budget horror specialist Jason Blum is producing. No plot or title has yet been provided, but here's hoping for Signs 2: This Time They Remembered Raincoats.

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Will Be on Every IMAX Screen We Have for a Month


Disney has revealed the latest way that Star Wars will dominate another facet of our lives, eventually leaving nothing untouched by some kind of "Force" reference or R2-D2-themed edition or something. According to THR, the studio has made a deal so that when The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18, it will be the absolute only thing on IMAX screens for a full month. Try as you might to see Thor fight a whale on the big, big screen, you won't be finding In the Heart of the Sea nor any other winter release in IMAX once Star Wars gets here. It's all Force Awakens all the time. Also, at that size, watching the opening crawl is going to be like trying to read your phone after you've accidentally dropped it on your face.

Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer To Play Sisters in Movie They're Writing


Now bonded by the friendship mortar of the human pyramid, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer have apparently made plans to star in a movie they've been writing. Speaking to the New York Times, Lawrence said, "We play sisters. We're almost done writing. It just flowed out of us. We've got about 100 pages right now."

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Christopher Guest's 'Mascots' To Star Usual People, Have a Couple Huge Absences


When you look beneath the mascot mask, whose face will look back? Not Eugene Levy's, strangely enough. Though Christopher Guest is directing Mascots, a sports mascots-based original film for Netflix, it seems his longtime collaborator Eugene Levy will not be a part of the movie. And, according to The Hollywood Reporter, neither will Catherine O'Hara--marking the first time the former SCTV stars will not star in one of Guest's heavily-improvised comedies.

Otherwise, though, you can count on most of the usual suspects to appear. It's confirmed that Jane Lynch, Parker Posey, John Michael Higgins, Jennifer Coolidge, and Bob Balaban will suit-up for the project, and Guest's Family Tree star Chris O'Dowd is joining the ensemble as well. Human Christopher Guest mascot Fred Willard is not yet confirmed to shout through this thing with joyful abandon, but he sure as hell better.

'Man of Steel 2' on 'Permanent Hold,' Whatever That Means


With Batman v Superman and two Justice League films scheduled to hit theaters over the next few years, movies involving a guy dressed up as Superman will not be in short supply the rest of this decade. But another movie focused wholly on that guy dressed up as Superman? That may be end up being a ways off, as Den of Geek is reporting that unnamed Warner Bros. sources are saying that Man of Steel 2 is on "permanent hold."

As the site also notes, though, "it's not clear what this means exactly." "Permanent hold" is, after all, a term that only makes sense for Comcast support calls and commercials for hair gel. To be on "hold," not "canceled," directly implies an impermanence. Being on "permanent hold" is like being on a "forever hiatus," or an "eternal bathroom break," in that it means nothing but assumedly suggests an indefinite pause for however long it takes to get some shit dealt with. We'll have to just wait and see when that finally happens.

In short, there is no Man of Steel 2 news to report.

Here Are All the Jason Statham Punches


Through observing the many, many ways one gets punched by Jason Statham, perhaps, one day, we may learn the way one avoids getting punched by Jason Statham. I wouldn't count on it, though. He's gonna punch who he's gonna punch, which is everyone:

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Bryan Cranston, James Franco To Compete for College Coed


Crystal meth kingpins Walter White and Danny "Crystal" Cleer are finally facing off in a winner-take-all battle for drug supremacy college girl affections. Variety reports that the two--who next appear together in the Franco-directed In Dubious Battle--will co-star in Why Him?, a comedy being co-written and directed by I Love You, Man's John Hamburg. Cranston will play a Midwestern dad visiting his daughter at college over the holidays. Franco will play the girl's new boyfriend, a tech billionaire taking up all her time. "Why him???" Cranston will ask. Then someone will tell him that it's because he's a good-looking billionaire, and that will be the end of the movie.

Enjoy the Many POV Shots of the Coen Brothers


Look, I'll tell you right now, a few of these may not technically count as POVs. But I'm wiling to accept them, and the sooner you do so yourself, the sooner you too can enjoy them for what they are: BEAUTIFUL.

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