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Close-up of Ben Affleck as Batman at Comic-Con


Ever looked at the shots of Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and thought to yourself, "These pictures are pretty good, but they're just not close enough to Ben Affleck's face"? Well you're in luck, because DC Comics unveiled a close-up of said stubbly face at San Diego Comic-Con. And say what you will about Ben Affleck, but let it be known that his version of Batman will hands down have the most impressive butt chin of all the Batmans. It's like when God created Ben Affleck he was drunk and forgot where exactly butts are supposed to go.

Full shot after the jump.

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'Halo: Nightfall' Trailer First Look


You'd think combining a video game series as strong as Halo with a film producer as strong as Ridley Scott would make for the greatest video game series of all time. Well you'd be wrong. Or right. Who knows, because the thing hasn't actually been released yet, but here's your first look at Halo: Nightfall. The digital series is produced by Ridley Scott and Microsoft's 343 Industries. And in case there's any doubt of Ridley Scott's influence, if there wasn't a Halo title at the end of the video you'd probably assume this was a sequel to Prometheus.

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Woody Allen's Next Will Have a Little Parker Posey


Parker Posey is running from a guest run on Louie into the arms of another neurotic New York writer-director-comedian with questionable sexual actions. Deadline reports she and Snow White And The Huntsman's Jamie Blackley joining Woody Allen's next still-untitled film, joining Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone in the production. The casting has not yet been officially confirmed, but tellingly, Allen has not yet denied his relationship with this known Party Girl.

Bat Affleck's Bat-Cowl Fully Revealed


Batman's latest cowl is currently on display at Comic Con, where it hangs with a hollowness we for now cannot blame on Ben Affleck. But thanks to reddit and SuperHeroHype, we can at least get a better view of the mask than we could in that morose first photo. As you can see, our new Batman's rubbery headpiece now perpetually looks cross and has constantly-visible eyelids. One step closer to Garfield.

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'Ant-Man' Comic Con Poster: Paul Rudd Looks a Tad Incredulous About This Thing Too


Have a look at the full poster below for evidence that, yes, Ant-Man will indeed ride on an ant. This is not a superhero film that will be outdone by Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

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'Fifty Shades of Grey' Trailer Here To Tie You Up for a Couple Minutes


Here to make our mothers so very, very horny, the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer has arrived and can be viewed in the subordinate position below.

Based on the so-called "mommy porn" bestseller that began as Twilight fan fiction--as most worthwhile literature does--the film stars Dakota Johnson as a young woman who gets led by the handcuffed wrist into billionaire Christian Grey's sexy world of bondage. This "world" being a special little bedroom he keeps locked. So that no one gets in there and disorganizes his whips. He likes them a very certain way.

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Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood Join HBO's 'Westworld' Remake


As any Jurassic Park fan knows, at the heart of any Michael Crichton-devised technologically-advanced theme park should lie a snowy-haired British actor there to learn a morbid lesson about playing God. So, for HBO and Bad Robot's Westworld series remake, Anthony Hopkins will fill that function. He has reportedly signed on to the pilot to play Dr. Robert Ford, "the brilliant, taciturn and complicated creative director, chief programmer and chairman of the board of Westworld"--his android-filled amusement park that goes dangerously awry. James Marsden is also said to be up for a lead role, while Evan Rachel Wood is locked to play a sweet, naïve farm girl who doesn't even realize she's just a robot filling space in an artificial recreation of the Wild West. But who isn't?

'Johnny Depp Pirate 5' Delayed Until 2017


Though normally Johnny can't wait to put on his pirate outfit and show it off for everyone, something must have gotten into him, because now he's not going to put it on for anyone for a whole other year. Disney isn't getting into the specifics of what's wrong with the little fella, or why he won't just come out and show us his captain act, but they are saying that the next Pirates of the Caribbean film is now delayed another year, and it won't hit theaters until July 7, 2017. Hopefully the lil' 54-year-old won't have outgrown his costume by then.